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编辑网站title and description 常用格式整理

众所周知,title and description tag对于网站优化的作用至关重要。今天整理了一些关于title and description常用英文表达短语及格式。

关于网站的title and description tag、product name and product description 这部分内容的重要性及如何编辑,在之前写的文章有过介绍。

上传产品时 如何编辑产品标题和产品描述?  》》》


网站首页 页面标题 常见格式:

第一核心关键词 – 第二核心关键词 | 品牌

核心词一  | 核心词二 – 品牌

品牌 :  第一核心词 – 第二核心词

品牌 : 第一核心词 | 第二核心词

品牌 | 第一核心词 – 第二核心词

同时  考虑到 首页的title tag 对于优化的重要性 以及出现的位置, 首页title tag要兼顾可读性与利于关键词排名


Playground Equipment – KOMPAN

KOMPAN: Playground Equipment | Parks and Schools

SRP Playgrounds: Commercial Playground Equipment | Park Equipment

Guangzhou Unique:Bakery Equipment,Refrigeration Equipment – Catering Equipment Manufacturer China

Bakery Equipment | New, Re-Manufactured, Used & Great Value

Empire Bakery Equipment | Commercial Ovens, Mixers and Baking ..

Wedding Photography Melbourne – Ranked #1 in AUS

#1 Wedding Photography Melbourne | EPIC PHOTOGRAPHY

Kirralee – Wedding Photographer located in Melbourne

Beijing Tours: Local Expert since 1959 – TA Excellence Award!

Discover Beijing Tours–See the World from the Inside

Coco’s Beijing tours – Beijing Private Tour Guide, Beijing Tours

在编辑页面标题和页面描述时,除了尽可能包含主要关键词之外,为吸引访客点击,可适当出现数字、大写、或者广告词短语等,尤其是 description tag 中。很多客户不知道如何把数字、大写运用其中,而且很多描述有歧义错误。这里列举一些常见表达方法:

一、B2B 企业站:

A leading manufacturer of XXXX  in China since 1998  /  industry-leading manufacturer of  XXXX   (领先的制造商)

Huge selection of colors/size and OEM order accepted  (大量的尺寸 颜色选择)

main product include : XXXXXXX,  widely used for food,wood,fruit ,ceramic,constructional material,rubber drying etc.  (主要核心产品包含什么,设备在各项领域广泛应用)

we specialize in providing high quality, precisely engineered, customer-specific XXXX products.

focus on / specialized in offering XXX over 25 years  (专注于某项领域, 多少年)

since 1999 , over 10 years experience in doing XXX  (企业成立多久,经验多久)

MOQ only 1 pieces,customized order according to your requirements… (最小订货量)

#1 XXXX  (某个领域第一)

CE approved  (产品认证)

OEM and ODM are accepted.  (接受定制生产)

FREE Sample   (样品免费)

one-stop service  (一站式服务)

Whatever your needs, whatever your timing. We will work with you!

Be a leader,not a follower,more than 20 years experience  (广告词)

Our customer quality rating is over 99.9%.   (广告词 引用数字)

We can save your time and money! Quick turnaround and thorough communication help avoid common manufacturing pitfalls and costly challenges.

Contact us for appraisal quote / free quote.  (索要报价)

Call us today to see how we can partner with you.

二、B2C 购物站:

FREE shipping on all orders over $99  (包邮说明)

Free shipping and free returns   (退换方便)

Enjoy free shipping and easy returns

FREE shipping available – Get up to 40-50% off XXX

Discount sale low to $29.   (低至 XXX)

Fall winter sale up to 50%   (秋冬5折起售)


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