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一个外贸企业网站Google SEO指导

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网址:http://www.zktchn.com  (隐藏了网址)
kitchen cabinet
kitchen furniture
cabinet door
kitchen cabinet door
wardrobe cabinet
bathroom cabinet
sliding door
acrylic sheet
3d wall panel
decorative wall panel

1. 围绕以上关键词写新闻,两天一篇。依次写完后,然后再从第一个开始。
英语网站新闻和博客编辑方法 指导材料: https://www.onepound.cn/yc/?p=10515

网站上的内容比较单薄,没有FAQ栏目。所以关于新闻素材的选择:有些客户经常问到的问题 回答内容较长的 就可以专门写一篇新闻 来解释。
About company and factory :
1.  Where are you located in ?
2.  Can I visit your factory?

About product and business :
1.  Do you offer OEM service?
2.  Can I be an agent?
3.  Do you offer samples for free?
4.  Can I buy 1 set for my home decoration?
5.  What’s your MOQ ?
6.  How to order our products?

About packaging & delivery:
1.  How is your packaging?
2.  How long will I receive my order?
3.  Can I come to your factory to check and accept before shipped out?
4.  Where is your port?

About price and payment:
1.  Can you offer DDP price?
2.  Payment terms?

About service and others :
1.  How long is Aristokraft’s warranty?
2.  How do I install my cabinets?
3.  How do I clean and care for my cabinets?
4.  How can I repair minor scratches or nicks on my cabinets

2. 产品上传:
指导材料: https://www.onepound.cn/yc/?p=11449  如何编辑产品标题和产品描述


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