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Onepound 优化具体分类

    Initial Website Audit初步分析
  • 是否处罚
  • 域名历史
  • 外链检查
  • 服务器和速度检测
  • 收录数量
    On-Page Optimization站内优化
  • Title & Meta Tags优化
  • 内容优化
  • 地图,robot master 添加
  • HTML Code 优化
  • 站内链接优化
    Content Marketing内容seo
  • Blog 添加
  • 网站信息,联系地址,优化
  • Press 发布
  • 发布 Social Bookmarking
  • 博客发布
    Local Search Optimization当地媒体发布
  • Google + 添加
  • Updating Pages
    Social Media Marketing社交媒体seo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter Account
  • Google Plus
  • Social Bookmarking
    Video MarketingVideo视频seo
  • Youtube 建立
  • Video / PPT
  • Example Videos
google  处罚修复:

Google Penalty Recovery Service

  1. Is your website losing out ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages?
  2. Is there a noticeable decrease in the traffic to your website?

If the answer is Yes, Google updates have either got you down or you are stuck with a penalty!

Google Penalty Recovery Service

With Google changing its algorithm so often, millions of websites have seen a slip in their Google rankings. Panda & Penguin updates have badly impacted the rankings of, once standing high websites.

How do You Know you Have Been Penalized?

  • Drop in organic ranking for target keywords or for your brand terms/keywords
  • Decease in organic search traffic or leads
  • Unable to find your website on Google “site: http://www.yoursite.com”
  • You have received an unnatural links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Panda Recovery Services
    Google Panda Recovery Services

    View Details

  • Google Penguin Recovery Services
    Google Penguin Recovery Services

    View Details

  • Manual Penalty
    Manual Penalty Recovery Services

    View Details

How to Get Back on Top?

If Google thinks that some of the inbound links on the website are manipulative or potentially harmful, you will receive an Unnatural Links Warning from the Google Webmaster Tools. If this is the case than the process will almost be same as of the Google Penguin Solution we offer however now PageTraffc experts will emphasize more on link removal then disavowing the link as Google give more weightage to this. So we will:

  • Analyze Links from Google WMT Latest Link Report, Majestic SEO, ahrefs
  • Manually do a check on these links for anchor texts distribution, PR distribution, link farms, ip check etc.
  • Filter-out Backlinks on the Basis of Theme, Anchor Text Being Used
  • Identify the Links that need to be removed
  • Contact Webmasters on your behalf to remove these bad links
  • Thoroughly Document the Attempts
  • Create disavow.txt file for the sites/urls we are not able to remove and submitting the same
  • Write Reconsideration Request to Google along with sharing the document we created while attempting removals so that our request carries more weightage
  • Respond to Google subsquent replies and do the changes (if any) as asked by the Google Team